Update From Benjamin 24-4-16

April 2016


I have been back in the States just over a month now, and a few things have happened in that time.

It has been a real challenge being in the different culture and way of life in country Minnesota.  But I know that God has given me the grace to walk out this challenge, and also grow as well, because it’s when we are stretched and uncomfortable that we grow. I know that he has things to show me about myself, areas to work on and gifts that he wants to develop in me.

The first couple weeks I have been preparing my visa application for France so that I can return to work with YWAM Biarritz. I am waiting on an invitation letter to be sent to before the appointment for the application can be made and attended. I would really appreciate prayer for this process, especially about timing as I am aiming to have the visa to return by the 15th of June.

I have been attending an adults group every Tuesday called Joppa, which has given me something to plug into while I am here. Recently I volunteered at a YATEC event (Young Adults Together Encounter Christ), working in the Kitchen Team to prepare meals for the 90+ attendees and teams who were participating, and also volunteering for the weekend.  It was a powerful time for people to encounter God’s love in a new way and to serve other people humbly. Something God really surprised me with was the interest from people in what I was doing and the eagerness to support me in it. I am encouraged by God’s faithfulness to me, to work on my behalf.

I was also able to talk to around 50 kids as part of a program called Awanas during their teaching time last Wednesday. I was able to tell them about Australia and some of the different animals that we have, and to their credit they knew most of them. I also was able to share about Missions – how people will leave and go somewhere and tell people about Jesus, especially those who haven’t heard about him.

God has been really stretching me in my faith for his provision, as there are costs with the visa and living expenses. I am also trusting him for monthly supporters that I am needing for the coming season entering into full time missions work. I have seen things come in before but the need to trust God has become much more evident right now.

I would really appreciate your prayers for a couple of specific things.

  • For the visa invitation letter to come in from the organization in France and a smooth visa process
  • For financial supporters for the coming season as I head into full time missions work.

God Bless,

Ben Ellis

George the Holstein Dog and I


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